About Us

Our Founding Story

Founded by a kidney patient, William E. Rowe established the Alabama Kidney Foundation in 1975. Rowe spent the majority of his life battling kidney disease and was part of many revolutionary treatments. During a hospital stay, Rowe met a patient who confided his decision to decline further medical treatment to relieve his family of his medical expenses. This experience became the catalyst for Rowe to launch an initiative to assist such crises faced by kidney patients. Because Rowe himself struggled with kidney disease, he knew and understood the value of what any type of assistance would mean for kidney patients. He recruited a small group of businessmen who met regularly and collected money to help kidney patients meet their basic daily living needs. Word about Rowe’s volunteer group of compassionate individuals spread and before long, the requests for assistance exceeded the group’s ability to help. His compassion and desire to make a difference then led him to establish the Alabama Kidney Foundation. 

For more than 50 years, the Foundation has supported Alabama’s kidney patient population through direct financial assistance, education and support programs. AKF is the only state-wide organization that pours its funding back into the community. Each dollar amount that is raised or donated to the Foundation stays in Alabama to support its kidney patient population. The AKF has remained true to Rowe’s vision by continuing to provide its vital work for the Alabama community.


  1. What does the Alabama Kidney Foundation do?
    The Alabama Kidney Foundation provides financial assistance, education and support services to low-income kidney dialysis patients in Alabama.
  2. I need help or know of someone that needs help, what is the next step?
    The next step is to contact your local social worker in your hospital system or dialysis center for them to determine if you’re eligible to receive assistance.
  3. Once I make a donation to the Foundation, where does my money go?
    All proceeds and donations that are made to the Alabama Kidney Foundation stay in the state. We ensure that your donation goes back to fellow Alabamian kidney patients in need to assist them with transportation services, utility bills and other essential living needs.
  4. How can I get involved with the Foundation?
    The Foundation needs the most help in raising money to assist kidney patients. This help comes in the form of transportation assistance, covering the cost of utilities and other essential living needs. You can become involved in the annual Kidney Celebration events that takes place across the state that raise funds to help patients. Contact your local Regional Director to learn how you can get involved.
  5.  How can I get involved in the Kidney Celebration?
    Each year, the Alabama Kidney Foundation hosts its annual Kidney Celebration events across the state. All funds that are raised from the Kidney Celebration help Alabama’s kidney patient population. You can get involved by becoming a walker, team captain, volunteer or donate.

State Board of Directors

Peter C. Martin, Sr. – President
Vice President, Petra Risk Management Services
Mobile, AL

Edna Weaver –  Vice President
Project Manager, Alabama Power Company
Birmingham, AL

Chris Duncan – Secretary
Senior Credit Review Officer, Cadence Bank
Birmingham, AL

Rodney Zeigler – Treasurer
Information Technology Division Director, Department of Insurance
Montgomery, AL